Second-Generation Immigrants

The benefits of immigration we hear about most are those that meet our immediate and pressing needs – more people to bolster our aging population and fill labour gaps. We do not hear enough about the long-term benefits of immigration – the contributions made not only by newcomers, but also by their children. Research has shown that children of immigrants, or second-generation immigrants, make invaluable contributions to our communities and are very successful in their educational pursuits and employment. Making Waves – Stories of Second-Generation Immigrants gives voice to these remarkable stories.

Born and raised in Canada with a unique combination of global and local perspective, many have more than one or two languages to help them understand and engage in the world. All have two cultures to broaden their view of life. They are supported by highly motivated parents, eager to give their children the best of at least two worlds.

Second-generation immigrants are also first-generation Canadians. Their experience in local schools, playgrounds, community groups, workplaces, and sports teams gives them grounding in a reality different from their parents. They blend in so easily that we forget how they came to have unique combinations of skills and understanding. Throughout the history of Canada, second-generation immigrants have contributed to nation-building in diverse and unique ways.

These stories remind us that the benefits of immigration continue and grow through generations; that there are extraordinary Nova Scotians who enrich our province because their parents came here to start a new life.

Maria Keselj

Maria Keselj’s wisdom, confidence, and accomplishment belies her 17 years. The grade-12 student, enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program, is her student council’s outreach coordinator, organizing fundraisers and volunteer opportunities. She edits her high-school newspaper, … Read more